The Reason for the Change

A few months ago I decided I hated my blog. I hated everything about it (except the design because I made that myself and I’m actually pretty proud of it). I hated the title. I hated the content. I hated what it turned into. It was a running blog slash lifestyle blog slash it really had no direction. It was annoying and it sucked.

So I started this new one.

When I started the old one, I was about to start training for my first full marathon and I wanted to document the experience. Spoiler alert: three years later, I still have not run a full marathon. I have attempted training for the full three separate times. For various reasons, life got in the way and I never got past the 15 mile long run week.

My relationship with running has changed over the years and now completing a full marathon isn’t my priority anymore. Honestly, I was getting bogged down in the training plans, the set backs, and the need I felt to ultimately complete this goal. Running (and the blog) turned into something I had to do instead of something I wanted to do. When my running starting sucking, so did the blog. I turned to filler posts, random link ups designed to boost follower counts, and posts about Pinterest stuff. Disclaimer: not that there is anything wrong with those if that is what you want your blog to be; it just wasn’t for me. I hardly talked about running anymore and when I did it was lame.

The thought of trying to fix what I had turned the old blog into annoyed me. Starting fresh is easier and makes me happier. So here we are.

I saw the phrase “Celebrate Every Mile” on a race medal holder. It stuck with me because that is how I feel about running these days. It’s more about getting out and enjoying the run than it is about training to complete a marathon.

Which is still a goal by the way. It’s in the back of my mind as something I will do someday, just not today. I am sure there will be a time in my life when the marathon is something I feel ready to tackle. A marathon isn’t one of those things I can force to happen, and I finally learned to stop trying to force it to happen.

I hope you stay around and enjoy the new and much improved blog. 🙂


Runners Tell All: A Running Picture

Well, I suppose a good way to start my new blog is to start with a link up. There are a lot of reasons I am shutting down the old blog. Some of which I may share, or I may leave you all to wonder about it. To those of you who are new (everybody at this point…haha): Hello! I’m glad you are here to my new, improved blog. I hope you find a reason to stick around for a while.

Amanda at The Lady Okie is putting on this monthly blog link-up as way for runner to meet and get to know each other. Of all the link ups I’ve seen in blog-land, this is definitely my favorite (by far) and I’m super excited to start joining in. Short run down: every month there is a new topic and you write about it! This months topic is to share a running photo and tell you about it.

I won an AG award!
I won an AG award!

My most recent running photo. I did a 5k with Amy on Easter weekend. This particular race stands out for a couple different reasons.

First, this 5k was the first race I have run in since I ran the Big D half in April of 2014. I forgot how much I enjoy the racing atmosphere. No matter your skill level it is fun.

Second, I won an AG award! I got second place. 🙂 The best thing about running the smaller, local races is the likelihood of winning an age group award (or overall award) increases dramatically! My official race time was 27:29 which isn’t a PR, but it was good enough to secure 2nd place in the 20-29 female category. I’ll take it!

Third, I forgot I could run hard. It’s true. I mostly coast when I run. Running at a 10:00 per mile pace is comfortable, easy, and doesn’t require a lot of effort. I don’t like being uncomfortable so this works for me. I had no real race plan when the starter pistol went off, I just started running and tried to hold on. I realized fairly early on I was going at an 8:45 pace, and I decided I was going to go for it. It’s crazy what we can accomplish when we try. I don’t think I could have gone any faster or held that pace for any farther. As far as racing goes…it was pretty perfect.

Last, this race got me excited about running again. Ever since moving to El Paso, running has been hard and not very much fun. When I got home from this race, I immediately sat down at my computer and made a fall racing plan. I’ve since started building up my fitness base and I feel (almost) back in the swing of things.

So, there you have it. A picture from one of the best races I have done. It wasn’t the most impressive distance or the most exciting themed event, but it was the perfect race at the perfect time. And really, you can’t ask for more than that.