Race Recap: 10 Miler in the Heat

Well this is a few weeks late, but I wanted to wait to publish this until I uploaded my Garmin data. Clearly, I’m a slacker because it took me 11 days to getting around to that.

A couple Saturdays ago was the 10 Miler in the Heat. I built this race up a lot in my head so it was nice to finally get to it and, ultimately, get through it. At the last minute, Matt decided to run also! Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to have him there.

The race started at 7, and I learned just how much of a control freak I can be when I’m forced to wait for someone else. I wanted to get to the race by 6:30 because we still needed to pick up our packets. Plus time to park, go to the restroom, put my goodie bag back in the truck, and generally not feel rushed. Getting to post takes about 30 minutes from where we live. That means leaving at 6am. When 6am rolled around I had been ready to go for 10 minutes and I may or may not have been tapping my foot while I was waiting for Matt. The sad thing was, he wasn’t even running late. I am just that impatient.

We left by 6, but once we turned onto the main road leading up to the gym we got stuck in a line of cars not going anywhere. Cue my impatience and minor freakouts. Turns out it was for reveille…something I have never actually witnessed before. All the sudden Matt jumps out of the truck before I had any idea what was going on. The guy in the lane next to me a few cars up was late to the party and didn’t get out until the end. Oops.

I would like to say we had plenty of time to get our things situated at get to the starting line, but we walked up to the line just as the starting gun was going off. Luckily, it was a small enough race that I was easily able to find Amy, but I was so distracted, I forgot to turn link my Garmin with the satellites!  See. This is why I didn’t want to feel rushed.

Starting the race! I'm yelling at my Garmin because it was taking it's sweet time linking up.
Starting the race! I’m yelling at my Garmin because it was taking it’s sweet time linking up.

Amy and I started off running with fellow Wear Blue member, Jennifer. This was Jennifer’s first time attempting a double digit run. She was bubbly, excited, and fun to be around. We were treating run as a “regular long run” so we didn’t a specific time goal we were trying to hit. The goal was to start conservatively and finish strong.

Everyone started really, really fast. Like really fast. I have since learned that this race was being used as a qualifier for the Army Ten Miler. I am typically a middle of the pack runner. I’m not spectacularly fast, but I’m not slow either. I assumed leading up to the race that it would be mostly soldiers that are a lot faster than I am. That was a fair assumption. Even though I knew the population of runners, it was a little weird being at the back of the pack.

The beginning of the race went by really quickly. Amy, Jennifer, and I chatted easily. We made a fueling stop at mile 3.5. At mile 5, Jen had to peel off because her Gu didn’t sit well with her. So, Amy and I continued on our own.

My favorite running partner!
My favorite running partner!

Thank God I had her to run with. After the turn around (mile 6ish?…I don’t remember), I was starting to feel the distance. Had I been running alone, the rest of the race would have been a struggle. It was the point in the race where you are getting close to being done, but there is still a ways to go. It is more of a mental challenge for me than a physical one. I knew my body was prepared for a 10 mile run, but sometimes my mind (and my doubts) get the best of me. Fortunately, that was not the case this day! Amy and I chatted easily about pretty much everything.

Before I knew it, we were getting close to the end. We started speeding up (subconsciously I think) during the 8th mile. I was a little worried that if we picked it up too soon I would burn out before the end. We tried to reign it in a little bit, but I’m not sure we did. In the last mile, I tried to focus on the whole “finish strong” thing. And I think we accomplished that. My finish time was 1:47:22. I’m pleased with it. We stuck to our race plan pretty perfectly, so I’ll call it a success.

Running towards the finish line.
Running towards the finish line.

Matt did awesome, by the way. I was pretty impressed because he doesn’t usually run for distance. He finished in 1:12:xx and he was 23rd overall finisher.  I think he caught the racing bug a little bit though. There is an 8k on post next month that he is all excited about doing. 🙂

For the numbers junkies!
For the numbers junkies!



4 thoughts on “Race Recap: 10 Miler in the Heat

  1. Rebecca Jo August 30, 2014 / 6:16 am

    Looks like you finished strong. Great job


  2. Army Amy September 2, 2014 / 8:46 pm

    It was a great race! I loved training and running it with you!

    I’m feeling a little less hopeful about the half, but I think part of it is this crazy heat beating me down. The race is still weeks away and a lot can change between now and then. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.


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