Training and Race Plan [Flying Horse Edition]

Tomorrow is race day!

I am definitely feeling more excited today than I have all week. Maybe because I am going to the race site after work to pick up my bib and packet. There is also a small expo so maybe I’ll even find something fun to buy.



I am not super excited about how this training cycle went. I felt pretty…meh…the whole time. I didn’t skip any of the runs, but there were several that I made a little shorter or a little slower than the plan called for. Then there was the disastrous 12 miler a couple of weeks ago. This was my first time using the Run Less, Run Faster to train for a race. I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I love the idea of running 3x a week. I really like speed work (well, it’s a love/hate thing), and it is a very challenging training plan. I can tell I’m more fit now than I was when I first started which isn’t always the case when I’m only running slow, easy runs. On the other hand, it is a very challenging training plan. Sometimes I just wanted to run easy and not worry about hitting a certain pace for a certain amount of time. This also called for some planning as I would have to drive to a park or running path to complete these runs. Will I attempt the RLRF method again? Probably. But not while I’m living in El Paso.

The other thing that I never quite got figured out is my fueling and nutrition. To be honest, this is not something I have ever given a lot of thought. Sure, I’ve learned that my stomach prefers chews to gels, but I figured that out a couple of years ago. My during-the-run fueling hasn’t really changed much. It works for me. What I am struggling to figure out is my general nutrition before and after a run. It is really hitting me that I am getting older. I remember when I would eat Taco Bell on my way to soccer practice with no issues. Now, eating more than half a granola bar 45 minutes before starting my run upsets my stomach. Finding a balance of how much of what to eat has been a struggle.


I don’t have a specific time goal for this race. In the beginning, I was toying with going for a PR (current half marathon PR is 2:07:49). Nut, after a mediocre training cycle I am not sure I have that in me. I won’t rule it out because crazy shit can happen on race day, but it isn’t going to be part of my race strategy. That being said, I would love to finish under 2:15:00 (my race time from Big D last year).

Race Plan:

Amy and I decided to start conservatively and aim for negative splits as we go depending on how it goes. I feel good about that. This course is billed as “fast and flat” so at least there won’t be hills to contend with. I hear the course is beautiful so there will be a nice view (and good pictures?!). Plus, the first and last mile are on the race track so that will be fun! I am hoping all those things, plus running with Amy, plus the energy from the race environment will all factor in to a good race experience and hopefully a good run.

I’m still going back and forth on what to wear. I have a Wear Blue tank and a Wear Blue long sleeve. I know it will be too warm for the long sleeve, but I’m worried if I wear the tank I will be cold. I really wanted to wear a WB shirt, but I may have to go with a regular running shirt. Lame.

Weather forecast for tomorrow morning. Looks like it is going to be perfect running weather!
Weather forecast for tomorrow morning. Looks like it is going to be perfect running weather!

Wish me luck, y’all! I’ll be back next week to let you know how it went! 🙂



One thought on “Training and Race Plan [Flying Horse Edition]

  1. Jen October 24, 2014 / 7:29 pm

    This is probably one of my favorite runs and I’m excited it will be my last in El Paso. Here is hoping for a few race for everyone! 🙂


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