Having too much free time…

You know how when you are really, really busy and you think “man, if I had some free time then I could get all these things on my to do list done!” Then, you get some free time, and NOTHING on your to-do list gets done?

That’s what my life feels like sometimes.

I love the job I have out here in El Paso. It is different, and it tests my skills and knowledge in new ways. I really like that. I could sit here and list a million reasons why this job is awesome, and I feel so very lucky to have the opportunity to work here. The only downside is that I work 12 hours a week, and I have SO MUCH FREE TIME!

Before you call me crazy for listing that as a negative, hear me out.

I have so much free time, the “I’ll do it later… because I can” mentality really comes back to bite me in the ass. More often than I care to admit. Take this morning for example. Instead of running first thing when I got up, I piddled around until I would not have enough time to get the run in before I had to get to work.

Now, its late in the afternoon, I’m tired from work, and I still have not run (yes, I realize I am sitting here writing a blog post, when I could be running, but whatever. Technicalities.) And I’m thinking of all the excuses reasons why it would be a good idea to put off running until tomorrow.

Back when I was working full time with lots of crazy hours, if I didn’t run the first chance I had, I wouldn’t have time later on. So if something was important (ie: running), that shit got done. More often than not, anyway. It kind of amazes me how much more productive I was when I had very little free time.

Here it is in graph form. Lots of free time = no productivity.
Here it is in graph form. Lots of free time = no productivity.

Are you one of the lucky people who can stay productive when you have nothing you have to do? Tell me your secrets (unless your secret is to schedule things like running into your free time because I already do that, and it only works sometimes.)


I love hearing from you!

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