Practically Ice Skating

It snowed in El Paso yesterday. I’m serious. Several inches of REAL snow.

Since I am a wimp, and I am in no way prepared for that kind of weather, I skipped my run. It would have been dangerous to run anyway. Visibility was practically zero for most of the afternoon during the actual storm part.

See! Real snow. Not the 1/4 inch of ice we call snow.
See! Real snow. Not the 1/4 inch of ice we call snow.


To make up for it, I went running today. There is still snow on the ground, but only on the grass/rocks we use as grass. The streets were fine by the time I got up. So, naturally, I figure it is a good time to make up the run I skipped yesterday.

Those of you from snowy climates are probably laughing at my ignorance.

Yes, the streets were snow free. But, the large portions of the sidewalks were as icy as a skating rink.

There I am, attempting to run up a hill that is covered in icy patches, looking like an idiot. I sure passing drivers were laughing at me slipping, attempted to carefully choose where to step (only to choose wrong), and scowling at the cold air.

At least it was pretty....
At least it was pretty….


I eventually made it home in one piece. Go figure that I manage to stay on my feet the entire run, but I fall going up the steps to my door…. Steps are tricky you know…

Runners from snowy climates: how to do you run outside in the winter without falling on your face?!? That is a very serious question because next winter I will be living in a snowy climate and I need to be prepared. Or, I am still contemplating moving south for the winters though. Like a bird.


RR: Fort Bliss 5k

Longtime readers may recall that when I finished the Flying Horse Half, I immediately stated I wanted to run the Fort Bliss Half even though I knew I needed to take a break from training. The lure of a cheap race, a medal, and the peer pressure from my Wear Blue friends had me convinced I needed to run it.

My initial instinct won out because I didn’t train for it. I think my longest run since the Flying Horse was an 8k race right before the holidays. Other than that I ran a handful of 3-4 milers a couple of times a week. No where near what I needed to maintain for another 13.1 mile race.

I can’t say I’m too bummed because I ran the 5k and still got to see some of my Wear Blue friends!

For starters. It was freezing. I was sorely tempted by my really warm bed and snuggly puppy. I procrastinated so long I was running a bit late. Luckily traffic was nice to me because I got there with plenty of time to park, register, and meet up for the Wear Blue circle.

This is how Carter sleeps on the bed. Spoiled little thing.
This is how Carter sleeps on the bed. Spoiled little thing.

I didn’t have any time goals going into the race so I just figured I would run with Melissa, her adorable puppy, and Nicole. I did not realize, it would be Koda (the adorable puppy) setting the pace. We hauled ass right from the beginning. Fast enough that I was afraid to look at my Garmin and see what the pace was. Ignorance is bliss in my mind.

I still felt good here. Isn't Koda cute?!?!
I still felt good here. Isn’t Koda cute?!?!

I managed to hang with them the entire time (luckily, Koda got a water stop halfway through so I was able to catch my breath). I definitely slowed at the end, and ran positive splits. Oops. Oh well. I had fun so really that’s all that matters.

  • Mile 1: 8:37
  • Mile 2: 8:59
  • Mile 3: 10: 17
  • .23: 2:10
    • Garmin measured distance: 3.23 miles
    • Official Time: 29:46
Almost to the finish!
Almost to the finish!

After I finished with the 5k, I hung around to help cheer for the Wear Blue runners who did the half. It. Was. Freezing. While I dressed warm enough to run, I was not dressed warm enough to stand around. It was worth the wait though. I enjoy cheering for people as they cross the finish line. Well, or playing photographer and taking their pictures anyway. Haha.

To finish off the morning, Amy and I went to Taco Cabana for tacos and catching up! It was fantastic. All in all, it was a great way to start the new year!