Farewell, Fort Bliss!

Did I ever actually announce I was leaving El Paso? Well, Matt got stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. So here we are. We moved into our new house (that I love, by the way) on Monday, and I start my new  job this coming Monday. Exciting stuff.

But that’s not what this post is about. Whenever I would tell people we were at Fort Bliss, I would get a lot of side-eye and “oh, that’s too bad” comments. I liked our time in El Paso though. So, I am here to tell you all the reasons El Paso (and Fort Bliss) don’t suck (in no particular order).

1. Mexican Food. Living in a border town has its challenges, but eating the food there is not one of them. I love tacos, and El Paso had some good tacos. My favorite restaurant was L & J Cafe, but Leo’s was also delicious (and closer to our apartment).


2. The local WB:R2R group. This group of people is amazing. Running with them on Saturday’s was something I looked forward to every week. From running 9 miles in the rain, marching through White Sands, handing out water at the El Paso Marathon, they were more than a running group, they became my friends. I sincerely hope I cross paths with them again.


3. My Friends. Making friends as an adult is hard. Making friends in a new place with new people is hard. It took longer than I would have liked, but eventually I made some great friends. I know I will see them again and we will text often, but they made El Paso a pretty good place to be. Specifically Amy. I credit my sanity for those couple years to her, our long runs, and coffee dates.

4. My Job. I know it’s been said that it is hard to find a job in El Paso if you don’t speak Spanish. I was lucky then because I found a great job that changed my life. (No, seriously). If you ever end up at Fort Bliss, don’t dismiss the job market before you even look. Two of my friends and myself all found work in our chosen fields.


5. The Sunsets. I had views like this almost every night. It was (an unexpectedly) beautiful place to live.

6. It’s in Texas. El Paso isn’t real Texas. It’s vibe is more like New Mexico. But, it has all the Texas staples like Whataburger and Blue Bell Ice Cream. Win.

7. The Running. I know, I know. I complained all the time about the running in El Paso. BUT, if I left the west side and went to up to post where it is flat, the running was actually pretty nice!

My point is, El Paso was actually a pretty good place to be. I have so many fond memories, and I will miss it! I will miss the people more though. In interest of full disclosure, El Paso wasn’t all roses and butterflies. I will NOT miss the traffic, running on the hills, or how far away from everything it is.

Life in Kentucky starts in full swing on Monday. I’ve got running on the brain and I can’t wait to talk about my upcoming plans!



3 thoughts on “Farewell, Fort Bliss!

  1. amaya911 May 9, 2015 / 9:16 pm

    Good luck to you and yours 🙂 I’m glad you somewhat enjoyed your time in El Paso.


  2. Army Amy May 10, 2015 / 1:14 pm

    Aww! I love this post. I also think your description of the beauty out here as unexpected fits all of El Paso & Fort Bliss perfectly. It is unexpected how wonderful it is. And our friendship has been the best part of it for me!

    I have to agree with what you said about giving the job market a chance. Everyone I know who has wanted to work, has found a job. You don’t have to speak Spanish!


  3. Jen May 11, 2015 / 6:30 pm

    I love this post. We loved our time at Bliss and we see it as some of our best memories so far. We would love to go back but it likely won’t happen. Wishing you all the best at Fort Knox, Kyle loved his time there. 🙂


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