Two Tone Herringbone Baby Quilt

I can finally share this quilt!

20150228_115424I spent most of February making this quilt for my best friend, Megan. Her baby was born a couple of weeks ago so I can finally show this off!

Megan gave me free rein to do whatever kind of design I wanted, but requested purples and grays. I searched for a while before I finally settled on a two-tone herringbone pattern made of half-square triangles.


Stats…. 120 half square triangles that finish at 4″. The quilt measured 40″x48″ prewashed.

I quilted it on my home machine using straight lines at varying widths following a chevron pattern. I love dense quilting. I swore when I started this project that I would stitch in the ditch and leave it at that. But, when I actually sat down to quilt, I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

Bindings still aren’t my strength, but I’m getting better at them. I’ve finally found a technique that works for me. I would link back to it, but I don’t remember whose tutorial where I got the strategy.

One last picture for fun!

20150227_110008I have already started my next baby quilt! Can’t wait to share that one with y’all too!