My Always-Changing Race Plans

Well, Hellooooo…..

You know when life gets crazy, and all the sudden you look up and 3 months have gone by without you even noticing? Yeah. That happened. Life lately has been crazy, stressful, and wonderful all at once.

Last time I blogged, I said I wanted to run the Air Force Half Marathon and I was going to use a training program by Run Smart Project. Well, long story short: that’s not happening anymore. I am terrible procrastinator, and I put off registering for the race. Then I forgot about it because I got swamped with the new job, new house, new city, etc. Next thing I knew, the race was sold out. Womp womp.

Honestly though, I’m not even upset about it. My training in May and June was mediocre. I was sick twice causing me to miss a week of training each time. I felt slow and sluggish on easy runs. I questioned my fitness weekly. I also tried a new approach to nutrition, which admittedly, probably wasn’t smart in the middle of ramping up mileage and didn’t help the sluggish feeling.


Now, I have an even better race plan. I will be doing the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon in Louisville on October 24th. Not only do I have more time to get my butt in gear, my (future) sister in law will be running it too! It will be her first half, and I’m super pumped to run with her. Plus, it only makes sense that I do a Kentucky-themed race while I’m living in Kentucky, and there is nothing more Kentucky than bourbon. I read there will be bourbon tastings at packet pick up and the finish line of the race. I mean…procrastination really worked out in my favor this time!

As far as training goes, I am still using the Run Smart Project training plan that I started with. I just modified it to reflect the new race date. I feel much stronger and much fitter right now than I did at this point in the Air Force Training cycle. I ran a 10 miler this past weekend and felt pretty strong the whole time.

I’ll be back to let you know more about training. I hope. 🙂