Running on Trails

My entire running career (for lack of a better word) I have strictly been a road runner with no real desire to venture into trail running. It looks dirty, and I would probably trip over a rock and hurt myself. Plus, it would require driving somewhere to run.

A few weekends ago, I had my first trail running experience. Matt’s family drove down to Mammoth Caves for a weekend of camping. Since that is only about an hour from where we live, we drove down and joined them for a night. (On a side note, I don’t understand camping. His parents have a camper, so we had running water, a refrigerator, and a toilet. So basically, we did everything we could do inside…but outside.)

In the morning, Erin (the younger sister) and I hit the trails for a few miles. I initially wanted to do 10, but we stopped after an hour of running. Trail running is a tad harder than road running. Especially when you go straight up. HA! While I’m not a convert, I see the appeal. It is beautiful!

Enjoy a photo dump of the experience!

20150927_140803036_iOS 1

20150927_141053102_iOS 1
The deer were just walking across the trails like no big deal. Deer and turkeys were everywhere!

20150927_142722332_iOS 1

20150927_142730903_iOS 1

Scenic Overlook Point.


Until next time… 🙂