Postpartum Running Plans

My baby is an entire month old. Time is weird in that I can’t believe it’s been a month, but I also can’t believe it’s only been a month. Now that I’ve reached the postpartum phase, I’m literally counting the weeks until I can get back into my running shoes. Before I get to my plans for running, here is a picture. Because she’s cute.

As much as I’m itching to get back into things, I’m trying to be smart about my return to running and fitness in general. My main goal is to work on core/hip strength. This is something I have neglected and ignored in the past, but I figure now is the perfect opportunity to focus on it because I’m starting from scratch.

Here’s are my long-term goals:

Winter 2016 – Build base mileage. Comfortably run 3 miles. Do hip/core strength exercises daily.

Spring 2017 – Run a Half Marathon with the goal of finishing. I’m already looking at the Rock n Roll Nashville on April 29, 2017 because my best friend is running it. Win-win!

Summer 2017 – Maintain mileage base, but take the focus off running. Instead, focus on general fitness (increasing strength/weights in the gym, doing more yoga, etc).

Fall 2017 – Run a Half Marathon for time. I haven’t started looking at potential races yet. I’m waiting to see where we will be living, but something fast and flat would be ideal. If you have any suggestions, throw them my way!

Spring 2018 – Run a Full Marathon. I know I said I just wanted to do one, but I went into the Austin Marathon really undertrained (and pregnant). So I would like to commit to the training and run a marathon at my full potential.

So there you have it. Should be fun. 🙂